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Download DAEMON Tools Ultra [Image Tool / Disk Tool]

Download DAEMON Tools Ultra [Image Tool / Disk Tool]

Download DAEMON Tools Ultra v2.0.0.0159 [Image Tool / Disk Tool]
DAEMON Tools Ultra [Image Tool / Disk Tool]

DAEMON Tools DAEMON Tools Ultra program of the new company is to operate and manage the image files from a wide range of functions with a simple and user-friendly environment has been formed. With this program you are able to insert image files to different formats MDX, MDS / MDF, ISO, CCD, CDI, BIN, NRG, ISZ, etc.
in a virtual drive that is created by the program, are. The program is able to convert all image formats supported by the program format MDX, ISO, MDF and MDS is. Making IMAGE files from CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs are the core functions of the program. The Mac that unencrypted image file to disc image files as well as compress and protect disk images made with this program by placing the password can be another useful function of this software can be useful .DAEMON Tools Ultra provides you with all the features of DAEMON Tools Lite as well as the ones from DAEMON Tools Pro as well as some additional content. As you may know by now, the DAEMON Tools Lite application is a big start in the community due to the lack of a price tag as well as the feature set that seems to cover all the basic needs.

While the Pro iteration of the software adds some very interesting new elements for editing, converting or even creating disc image files, the Ultra version does not manage to live up to the same technology leap. Even its interface is different from the Pro version and emphasizing on looks more than the things that really matter is somewhat of a Windows 8 approach, which clearly does not add value to the whole concept.

Moreover, DAEMON Tools Ultra’s GUI holds a new panel for News, Top Rated or Most Played dynamic sections. You can learn various interesting stuff by browsing the News area, but things just go wrong when switching to the other two categories. The installation kit of the installation offers you to install MountSpace, a tool that allows some game-related website to collect information regarding your disc image files that you store within the program’s catalog.

The gathered data is centralized and the Top Rated section displays various games sorted by the ratings they achieve on the MountSpace website. Once you click one of them, your default browser access the dedicated MountSpace web page that also presents a buy option that redirects you to numerous websites that sell that particular game. The disturbing fact here is that no buy link ever refers to the game developers website, but to other online stores such as Amazon.

This can only pale in comparison to the next section, the Most Played, where things just turn ugly. This peculiar area holds the accumulated data taken from users (without their real consent for the most of times as many of them blindly install third-party components) and offers it to everyone installing DAEMON Tools Ultra. Accessing one of these items, you are rapidly taken to the MountSpace website once again.

Besides various ads portrayed as big download buttons and explicit, unfiltered messages from other users, the web page delivers the titles of the disc images associated to the game. It does not take a genius to figure out the piracy degree of these titles and together with comments like “Where the hell is the download button?”, DAEMON Tools Ultra achieves nothing but a very low level of self-esteem.

Furthermore, the program does not really add much value for money through features such as VHD creation and mounting or iSCSI Initiator. DAEMON Tools Ultra tries too hard to top its already established Lite and Pro versions of the main and long lasting framework. In the end, DAEMON Tools Ultra can be viewed as just being an attempt of its developer to gain more funds from advertising and affiliation rather than pure product quality.

Company: Disc Soft Ltd.
File Size: 32.3 MB
Source: PC Download

Download DAEMON Tools Ultra [Image Tool / Disk Tool]

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