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FIFA 2014 Download for PC




FIFA 14 is the title Dare to make it the best game in the history of sports titles called. The addition of even the most obscure players from the league’s third category, some countries, major changes in audience and stadiums all hands to the experience of FIFA 14 will reach its peak. FIFA 14 is used as a platform to launch two generations, but the main changes observed in this game is the next generation. Features ‘Pro Shot’, ‘Teammate Intelligence’ and ‘Variable Dribble Touches’ new features that are included in this EA in its marketing for the maneuver has a lot on it. The key to success in this year’s FIFA feel exhilaration and thrill of scoring great goals, you only have one shot other players simply did not need to score a goal, but in your own shot to beat, you have the players supposed to opportunity to become a sure shot to make up your own.

According to data released this game with images of different parts of the game, it looks like a nice change to be applied in this series are:
Dribbling system game, especially when “basic controls” the nice enhancements that depending on the speed and capacity of your player, will control the ball. This system is so that they can better control Gamer with your ability to enjoy the game, for example, those who are beginners and have little experience, will be hard to play a bit. Then select the correct players to pass is very important.
Takle systems in cities that developed the game. So that you do a long Takle, you have more chances, the first opportunity to get the ball from your opponent. You can also do a Takle unsuccessful, depending conduct fast, too fast to play back. If instead of fighting himself face to face with the defendants, they can send the ball into the empty space, location shooting and passing will be much more effective and more dangerous.
FIFA 14 Skill Games you’re part of this exercise quite explain. Mini Game added a number of new techniques that use them will depend on your ability.
These are elementary introduction to this topic, after this conversation, the second trailer for the game released that information obtained as follows:
According to the creators of the game, a lot of changes on the environment of the game, the stadium and the crowd has been announced.
Pure Shot: This feature allows the player to hit a shot at hitting the ball according to the location of play would fit.
Real Ball Physics: Physical Fitness and elegance to any player carrying the ball is effectively and according to the fitness and stamina of each player, they can strike defense had crossed and the lead, such as a real football exactly.
Protect The Ball: the disposal and transportation of the great ways to play added. For example, the opponent moves at any speed and dribbling defender could be due to functionality and its readiness to repel the ball.
Teammate Intelligence: This time you play with AI teammates and emerged stronger, wherever it may be necessary for the adoption to proceed. Tmamyh opportunities to support the defenders are doing. For example, when your team is back in the game, considering it works and how much influence the result on the next game is perceived to be. Any openings in the offensive line and the new players to enter the middle as well. Players were smarter defense and create space between both, always make space to receive a pass.

Installation Guide

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Company: EA Canada
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