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Download Traktor Pro 2.6.8 – Full Version Direct Link

Download Traktor Pro 2.6.8 – Full Version Direct Link

Download Traktor Pro v2.6.4 R228 [Full Version Direct Link]
Download Traktor Pro 2.6.8 [Full Version Direct Link]

Traktor Pro 2.6.8

DJ abbreviation Jaky disk (Disk Jockey) means riding the wizard disk. DJ theory originally proposed explanation for songs on the radio on old gramophone discs were told that they, and the audience was Jock May the spread and effects like fast and was too trivial, After a short time became known as the disk Jaky and who would do it, DJ name was.  professional, easy to play a variety of songs ready so  (programming) say.  experienced, to form a single list (playlist) to select their own. The other things that change (manipulation) of the original songs, and fusion techniques such as sound (audio mixing), Queuing songs (cueing), mental connection or  songs (phrasing), cutting (cutting),  (scratching),
coordinate or the same impact beatmatching and innovation in creating new songs. In fact, a good DJ is the one who beat rate and burst into a set of songs that listeners do not feel off much of the music.
Now the software , there are many DJ Traktor Pro is the most powerful one. Use of this software to the novice and professional DJs recommended.

Traktor Pro software is a powerful DJ provides you the direct mixing. In addition to technology, this software is a powerful, easy to use and efficient, more flexible user interface with color wave forms for visual editing, music and sound, is associated. Traktor Pro also has excellent facilities for multiple teams and innovative. Smart features remixes This program provides simple audio tracks for you. The new Loop Recorder can record from mixer channels, and into the audio input interface so that you walk on them the desired effect. Effects such as delay, Bouncer and other innovative and efficient collection of powerful effects.

A key feature of the software Traktor Pro:
– Sound waves are color display for ease of use
– Very high quality mix
– Supports multiple audio formats
– Powerful user interface suitable for different environments such as parties, celebrations and …
– Identifiable and automatically synchronize the rhythm of its initiative to create a professional mix
– The new Loop Recorder to edit and remix audio tracks of the moment
– More than 30 studio-quality effects, including 4 brand new songs, all of which have the ability to sync to the tempo
– Looping and cueing functions Advanced
– 4-channel mixer with all facilities with multiple preset EQs and filters diverse
– Powerful management Turks
– Mixed record your music using the sound recorder for
– Compatible with different versions of Windows

Manufacturer: Native Instruments
Source: PC Download

Download: Click Here

Download Traktor Pro 2.6.8 – Full Version Direct Link

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