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HI2U Archive

21 Nov 2017

Frozen State Download for PC

Frozen State Download for PCFrozen State – HI2U Frozen State is a new action-shooter game developed by Flox Studios Ltd in 2016 and released to the computer. The whole of the planet is in a frozen state
21 Nov 2017

Existentia Download for PC

Existentia – HI2U Existentia is an adventure-style game developed by SmartHart Games Studio. After the nuclear disaster, the Soviet Union became ruined and many people died. As a bit of survivors of this bitter catastrophe, you should
19 Nov 2017

Sleeping Dawn Download for PC

Sleeping Dawn – HI2U Download the game Sleeping Dawn is a first-person, scary and endeavoring to survive. In this game you are in the role of children who are based in a strange world filled with creatures
14 Nov 2017

Lolly Joe Download for PC

Lolly Joe – HI2U Lolly Joe is an adventure and adventure game modeled by Peter Valencia Studio. In this game, you control the dog named Joe, who lost his owner, now he has decided to start the
12 Nov 2017

Tahira Echoes of the Astral Empire Download for PC

Tahira Echoes of the Astral Empire – GOG -HI2U Tahira Echoes of the Astral Empire is a new game in the strategic adventure style that was created in 2016 by Whale Hammer Games and released for the
7 Nov 2017

INFRA Part II Download for PC

INFRA Part II – HI2U INFRA invites you to a world of structural analysis! You have to check the existing structural defects in this game. Your mission will change in a short time after you are deployed
7 Nov 2017

Dyno Adventure Download for PC

Dyno Adventure – HI2U Dyno Adventure is an adventure-style game designed and published by the studio aresarx. A funny dragon named Dyno has lost his family in the bitter incident and is now struggling to enjoy life
7 Nov 2017

Herolike Download for PC

Herolike – HI2U Herolike is an action-style game developed by Games Hut Studio and released by Black Shell Media. The evil forces have begun their massive battle because of the conquest of the earth and the acquisition
7 Nov 2017

Dream Dealer Download for PC

Dream Dealer – HI2U The Dream Dealer is an adventure and adventure game modeled by the Eternity Studios studio. This game provides an unthinkable environment for gamers, which put users in difficulty to understand the bitter experiences.
4 Nov 2017

Dark Train Download for PC

Dark Train – HI2U The Dark Train is an adventure-style game designed and published by the Paperash studio studio. A person named DW Tagrezbung, who has patented many patents, puts his important information to ANN 2.35f for