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Role-Playing Archive

17 Feb 2018

The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II Download for PC

The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II Download for PCThe Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel II – COREPACK – CODEX The success of The Legend of Heroes Trails: of Cold Steel II was
4 Feb 2018

Assassins Creed Origins Download for PC

Assassins Creed Origins – CPY – COREPACK And finally the spell was broken! The final CPY crack for downloading Assassins Creed Origins was finally released on February 3, 2018. The Downloads website has decided to prepare all
3 Jan 2018

Deep Sky Derelicts Download for PC

Deep Sky Derelicts – qoob – GOG The fully updated version was released on November 18, 2017 to download the Deep Sky Derelicts game, which is now available for Early Access. The Downloads website has also decided
21 Dec 2017

I Shall Remain Download for PC

I Shall Remain – CODEX I Shall Remain is an Indie, RPG and Action game developed by Scorpius Games. This game is a fast-paced RPG core game that combines game-centric elements with strategic aspects and survival efforts,
10 Dec 2017

Strike Team Hydra Download for PC

Strike Team Hydra – RELOADED Following the success of the Android platform, the Strike Team Hydra download for the PC platform was released on December 8, 2017. The Wave Light Games studio has developed and distributed this
10 Dec 2017

Tokyo Xanadu eX Download for PC

Tokyo Xanadu eX – COREPACK – FiTGiRL – CODEX The final version for the PC platform Tokyo Xanadu eX + was released in the role play genre and JRPG by the CODEX group. 10 years ago, the
9 Dec 2017

Hero Defense Haunted Island Download for PC

Hero Defense Haunted Island – HI2U The new version of the Hero Defense series, which has won many successes on Android and iOS platforms, has been featured in Haunted Island in the strategic, castle defense, RPG and
8 Dec 2017

Nine Parchments Download for PC

Nine Parchments – FiTGiRL- GOG Nine Parchments is a new low- profile game in action shooter style, which was made by Frozenbyte in 2017 and released to the computer. The Nine Parchments computer game is a new
8 Dec 2017

Spellforce 3 Download for PC

Spellforce 3 – CODEX – GOG Finally, the download of the Spellforce 3 game was finalized in two Steam and GOG networks simultaneously. The SpellForce game series combines two roles and strategies simultaneously, while other games have
3 Dec 2017

Rover The Dragonslayer Download for PC

Rover The Dragonslayer – HI2U Rover The Dragonslayer is an adventure-style game developed and published by Dev4play Studios. Exploring Marshall Dragonslayer on the Mars planet, it encounters many plants and creatures that are wild. But the biggest