AVG AntiVirus Free + AntiVirus + Internet Security 2016 Download

AVG AntiVirus Free + AntiVirus + Internet Security 2016 Download
AVG AntiVirus Free + AntiVirus + Internet Security 2016 Download

AVG is one of the most famous companies engaged in producing security products, the company in 1991 in the Czech country was founded by Jan Gritzbach and Tomas Hofer, the company that initially worked with Grisoft to AVG later changed his name . Now this company with offices in most countries of the world has been able to allocate more than 50 million users.

The company is home to three separate systems with names and AVG AntiVirus Free AVG AntiVirus and AVG Internet Security has entered the market, each designed for a specific purpose and are developed, in this article I want to introduce all three companies payment.

Key features of enterprise security products AVG:
– Ability to identify and eliminate a wide range of malicious files
– A powerful Firewall and control input content from the Internet to the system
– Prevent the entry of fake sites such as banks,
– Ability to search and detect email infected with malicious files
– Automatic search without interruption files downloaded from the Internet.
– Ability to encrypt private files
– The ability to permanently delete files and irreversible series

The unique features of this software :
– Ability Online Shield: This feature all downloaded files immediately before they run automatically searched and examined and if contamination is prevented their implementation.

– The Data Safe: This feature encrypts personal files and important information in case of theft also causes the contents of the files are inaccessible.

– Ability to Link Protection: This feature automatically searches for all links to networks such as Facebook and Twitter social barrier and warns the user opening an infected URLs.

– Ability to Email Protection: This feature automatically searches your incoming email attachments from their infected status situated.

What is the difference between different versions of the software?
AntiVirus version is a complete package for system security and ability to deal with any kind of malware in the system is offline for systems that do not have access to the Internet is very convenient, but in addition to all versions of Internet Security for versions of AntiVirus, Firewall has a very strong that all Internet exchange controls and does not allow any infected files from the Internet login.

In summary version of Internet Security for people who regularly deal with the Internet and on many sites, this group of people because a lot of discussion on the Internet, be careful of their input and output data systems to risk their security.

Compare different versions of the program:
– Version of AVG AntiVirus Free:
This version of the app is completely free and can be used without any restrictions and only 4 the following:
1. powerful anti-virus engine AVG
2. The Link Protection
3. Ability to remove permanent and irreversible important and private information
4. Email Protection

– Version of AVG AntiVirus:
This version of the program in addition to all the features of AVG AntiVirus Free Edition has the following additional items:
5. Ability Online Shield
6. The Data Safe

– Version of AVG Internet Security:
This version of the program in addition to all the features of AVG AntiVirus following additional versions are:
7. Firewall or AVG’s powerful Firewall and Internet content control input
8. Advanced Anti-spam functionality

Compare the features of the software:
Software Size: Size install this program are relatively large and high-speed download services will be easier.

Amount of space required Application: This application is for installation only requires 1 GB of free space that is ideal for security software.

Volume updates of software updates to the software, but very little volume occupies.

The ability to store updates downloaded by the user: No, this is not possible.
The software update offline without internet: Yes, it is possible.
Search USB Flash automatically after connecting to the system: Yes, it is possible.

Compatibility with different versions of Windows , this program even in its most recent version of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 support.

The use of system resources. This application not only to the limited resources allocated but almost no effect on the efficiency of the system and does not slow down.

Activation of certain Software has no definite crack for this program has been published and the only way is to purchase a legal license.

AVG Internet Security guard internet raised the powerful, the anti-virus product Grisof an old computer that is raised with 12 years experience in various platforms are listed in the positive list of the world’s top anti-virus. Trojans are rapidly growing and becoming more complex as they function, the malicious programs often mix with executable files to the victim is sent, these programs mainly espionage targets are created to steal passwords they use, by installing an anti-malware against these malicious files to be safe.
This software is one of the best software to detect and remove malware from your system, real time protection against system performance, identify executable files infected with malware, cleans infected files, identify programs keyboard recorder, create backup copies of deleted files and … all the features of this software. Job security program to protect your system and also to prevent Spyware, Adware’s, Trojan’s, DDL Keylogger is malicious, but with this program you can install your system with the power of this type of software Any spies on them protected.

Different parts of the application :
– Firewall: protection against hackers
– System Tools: for easy system management
– Anti-Spam: protection against phishing attacks
– Anti-Rootkit: protection against hidden threats
– Anti-Virus: protection against viruses, worms and Trojans
– Web Shield & LinkScanner: protection against malicious websites
– Anti-Spyware: protection against spyware, pop-up pages ad and future identity thieves

A key feature of the software AVG Internet Security:
– High power to detect all kinds of viruses: the software in recent years various awards from critics for its power in its own identify and destroy viruses is
– Very high power to detect a variety of Spies: The software utilizes the latest technology and have the latest list of spyware and other harmful software has a powerful database against all types of Spyware, Adware’s, Trojan’s, DDL malicious and be prepared Keylogger
– Protection against all enforcement activities: software to monitor all the files to run the file with the slightest contamination and prevent the spread of the
– Firewall powerful addition to preventing attacks from the Internet and international security system, every software prevents access to the Internet without your permission.
– Anti-Spam and Internet scams through emails and common
– Secure online messaging such as ICQ, MSN, Yahoo and …
– Remove Spyware Prevents malicious files from the Internet and Internet
– Scans memory for running, and stop the run suspicious files
– Full Scan registry keys in Windows to detect and remove spyware
– Scanning folders and Live Care System and Real-Time Password System
– Adjustable timing of the scanner program to implement certain hours of the day
– Update and Automatic Updates feature is very fast.
– Full support for all popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera Browser and …
– Supports all versions of Windows NT 5.1 up to Windows 7


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