Battlefield 1942 Download for PC

Battlefield 1942 - FLT

Battlefield 1942 – FLT

Battlefield 1942 – FLT

Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 1942 PC game series style of action and first-person World War II in which the Swedish company Digital Illusions CE 3D was designed and popular Electronic Arts Inc. in 2002 released for the PC platform. This game is based on a video game called the Eagle, a series of events and the story of the Second World War, was built . In this version we tried to change the game engine, the scene closer to reality, because before that, the focus is more on the physical state and the less attention they play in realistic scenarios. In this version, unlike the previously published version that was not enough just to kill enemies. The game allows players to take control in different parts of the grip of the enemy troops on the march, and this makes it to reduce the strength of enemies. Battlefield 1942 game was one of the first games that brought dramatic changes in style first-person games. One of the strengths of the game that allows the player to play in multiplayer or single player pay. In the game, players can assume an infantry classes are: Clock, Frontline, RPG woman  physician with the ability to fly World War II fighter planes and bombers as well. The game has a different map and a battle occurs at specific locations: the Pacific, Europe, North Africa, East, and these maps are the Italian front. War between the Axis and Allied always happens. All locations are real battle and try to be somewhat realistically portrayed. Shortly after the game’s release, two additional package called The Road to Rome Road to Rome and Secret Weapons of WWII Secret Weapons of World War II was released for the original version. The Road to Rome, Italy focuses on war and allow the player to the Free French and Italian military forces, set foot on the battlefield. Secret Weapons of WWII depending on the selection of the 1942 campaign in which a sample of weapons and vehicles there. I would not miss this game.

Name game: Battlefield 1942
Platform: PC
English language
Year: 2002
Manufacturer: Digital Illusions CE
Publisher: Electronic Arts

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