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22 Dec 2017

Beyond Eyes Download for PC

Beyond Eyes Download for PCBeyond Eyes – PLAZA The Tiger & Squid studio has introduced its beautiful new Beyond Eyes game on E3 2015, originally released for the Xbox One console. In the Beyond Eyes title, the
22 Dec 2017

Fallen A2P Protocol Download for PC

Fallen A2P Protocol – PLAZA The Fallen A2P Protocol game is a strategy and action game that was released today for PC, Mac OS. Players must save the world destroyed by an energy source and try to
21 Dec 2017

deORBIT Download for PC

deORBIT – PLAZA DeORBIT is a non-linear, non-war game and a first-person riddle, with a half-horror space with unknown elements. You will wake up at the beginning of the game in a semi-ruined space, and you have
19 Dec 2017

Rack N Ruin Download for PC

Rack N Ruin – PLAZA The Rack N Ruin game was made with LifeSpark Entertainment, an action-packed theme that was released today for the PC platform. You are in the game of an evil magician in a
17 Dec 2017

Feelings Adrift Download for PC

Feelings Adrift – PLAZA Feelings Adrift is a joy pack with some entertaining games. Every fun game you see has a different environment and various goals behind it are institutionalized. Slightly scary than others, but always with
16 Dec 2017

Blood Alloy Reborn Download for PC

Blood Alloy Reborn – PLAZA Welcome to a very fast deadly robot and a cybernetic machine in a very fast and 2-dimensional space shooting style! Reinforce, squash and shoot down the people who are on your way
14 Dec 2017

CTU Counter Terrorism Unit Download for PC

CTU Counter Terrorism Unit – PLAZA CTU Counter Terrorism Unit is a strategic and action-oriented game designed by the Odin Studio Studio. Terrorists have invaded large parts of the world, causing a great chaos on the planet,
13 Dec 2017

n Verlore Verstand Download for PC

n Verlore Verstand – SKIDROW – PLAZA Prepare yourself for the transition to a real world of dreams and nightmares. What will you find about yourself on this exciting journey using your unconscious mind? N Verlore Verstland
11 Dec 2017

Scrap Garden Download for PC

Scrap Garden – PLAZA Scrap Garden is an enchanting title in puzzle style puzzler platformer, which narrates the adventures of the main characters of the story, a robot named Canny. Canny is the only robot that wakes
10 Dec 2017

Seal Guardian Download for PC

Seal Guardian – PLAZA Download The Seal Guardian is the title of hack and slash action-packed action that focuses only on fighting and demolishing and destroying it. You can create strange combinations by combining heavy and light