Download Autodesk Maya 2014 SP3 x64 + Extension + 2013 x86/x64 – 3D Desinging Software [Full Version Direct Link]

Download Autodesk Maya 2014 SP3 x64 + Extension + 2013 x86/x64 - 3D Desinging Software [Full Version Direct Link]
Autodesk Maya 2014 SP3 x64 + Extension + 2013 x86/x64 – 3D Desinging Software [Full Version Direct Link]

Maya (Maya) is a three-dimensional design software. Elijah is the first software company. Vaio Front has been released in 2005 Atvdsk Company (manufacturer of three-dimensional animation software, including AutoCAD and Trydymks) bought it new versions Atvdsk named Maya Maya (Autodesk Maya) to released.

Maya is one of the most advanced three-dimensional modeling and animation software that is widely used in movie studios, animation and computer game industry is used as well. The strength of the Maya modeling tools, and large companies are using more of its character. Features include flexibility and personalization features (customization) that allows professional users to easily modify its environment to your liking. In addition, another unique feature that enables users to develop software for it. Users through the programming languages C + +, MEL or (maya embedded language) and Python, as well as to develop the tools and features that have been added to those already present in the software. So much attention has major studios and animation film maker.

2009 Maya Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited in two species of the latter would offer broader possibilities as well as higher prices, but from 2010 onwards only a version with all the facilities of will be released.
In 2003, Academy Award-winning Maya for “scientific and technological achievements” was.
Maya core Syplasplas written language.
Capacity of key software Autodesk Maya:
– Supports Multi-threading and algorithmic speed-ups to boost performance hardware
– Advanced Polygon Modeling
– UV transmission and other attributes of the models
– Advanced ability to communicate with other products such as AutoDesk MotionBuilder, 3DS Max, and Toxik
– Maya Application Integration Framework technology
– New intuitive visual environment
– New management tools and data sets
– Support for NURBS Modeling
– Sub-surface modeling capabilities
– Toon Shader feature
– Ability to control and Rendering Effect of
– Features more realistic physics outside the mental ray Shaders. The new feature solar shading, natural or can sky objects more realistic than the position of the sun and light shade to create it.
Capabilities to Maya Fluid Effects ™:
– Simulation and Rendering variety of scenarios atmosphere, fireworks, viscous fluids, and the Effect of Open Sea
Capabilities Maya Fur:
– Easy creation of real clothes, short hair, wool and grass on NURBS or polygonal models
Features of Maya Cloth:
– A feature can look like a dress based on your needs, dry, loose, stretchy, and Show
Capabilities Maya Live:
– Combine 2D live mode with 3D elements
Capabilities Maya Hair:
– Creation of models and Rendering fully dynamic long hair on NURBS or polygonal models

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