Download Quick Heal Total Security 2015 v16.00 ( x86 / x64

Download Quick Heal Total Security 2015 v16.00 ( x86 / x64
Download Quick Heal Total Security 2015 v16.00 ( x86 / x64

Quick Heal Total Security called the most complete software Quick Heal’s security. The company in 1993 by two brothers named Sanjay Katkar and Kailash Katkar Hindi in India was registered and officially began its activities. The company initially had a CAT launched the first version of your security program, later published under the title of Quick Heal the company name was changed to the same name. The company’s products into three general categories Anti-Virus and Internet Security and Total Security division at this point to introduce the most complete version of Total Security law.

The security package can be one of the most complete and advanced daring new tools and features with unique security that he has managed to attract many users within a short period. The software is able to take advantage of the latest database to their day malware including viruses, Trojans, spyware or other malware and to keep the system safe. It provides a highly reliable security software that can help you control access to the Internet and protect your PC against threats from malicious files that does.

Key features of software Quick Heal Total Security:
– Ability to identify and eliminate a wide range of malicious files
– A powerful Firewall and control input content from the Internet to the system
– Protection of important system files and Windows and prevent their manipulation
– Sandbox feature in the browser and the surf the Internet
– Has advanced parental control and restrict access to Internet users
– Ability to search and detect email infected with malicious files
– Support the cloud (Cloud-based) to identify the latest malicious files
– Support file search behavior at the time of access to the Internet
– Search feature a variety of mobile devices and USB Flash
– PCTuner tools to optimize system performance

The unique features of this software:
– Technology Advanced DNAScan: This proprietary technology allows the infected files that the show be held in behavior as a result of even the newest and cleans infected files are detected without the need for Internet.

– Technology Sandbox: this technology does not allow the slightest idea of isolating browsers network and the Internet to be written on the user’s system after the session, all temporary data will be lost forever, so you can surf safely on the Internet Transition to pay without the malware does not penetrate into the system.

– Technology Self-protection: This app restrict access to important system files and does not allow any manipulation done on these files, even if the system is infected, will not damage the original Windows files.

– The Boot Time Scan: With this feature, the application before Windows fully loaded, and any attempt to search the important parts of Windows malware before running away.

– Ability PC2Mobile Scan: This feature makes it possible to connect a variety of devices, mobile to mobile devices as well as computer memory can be cleared.

– A comprehensive tool PCTuner: The program combines several tools to optimize Windows system and run faster it can be improved and additional files from the drive to remove it.

Compare the features of the software:
Software Size: 600 MB File Size installing this app high, and for a security software is very high.

Amount of space required software: This software installation requires at least 2.25 GB of free space that is too much for security software.

Updates of software: This software has been updated many times during the day and updates its volume is very high and is at least 1 GB per year.

The ability to store updates downloaded by the user: Yes, it is possible.
The software update offline without internet: Yes, it is possible.
Search USB Flash automatically after connecting to the system: Yes, it is possible.

Compatibility with different versions of Windows, this program even in its most recent version of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 support.

The use of system resources, the software despite the limited resources allocated to significantly reduce the efficiency of the system and is Windows.

Activation of certain Software has no definite crack for this program has been published and the only way is to use the Trial Reset the tool only time trial application (Trial) extended and must be repeated every 30 days or the legal license of this software is purchased.

Installation guide

1. Download and unzip the software.
2. Run the Setup.exe file to start the installation process.
3. After installing the app for 30-day Trial is enabled.
4. After 30 days into the Control Panel and delete the program from the Uninstall or Remove Programs.
5. Restart your system.
6. Trial Reset Download and unzip the file.
7. Reset.bat file to run the Run as Administrator and continue the process until all traces of the program are removed from the system.
8. Upon completion of the entire process, once Restart your system.
9. re-install the program and 30-day Trial Software to be enabled.
10. Repeat the above steps do every month.

– The above method works on all versions of the company’s products.
– Now there’s no better way to use this software.
– To update, download and run the file placed offline and then continue the process.
– Update Offline placed for Complete and include all updates released for this application.

Download Instruction:
1st- Click Download Button Bellow.
2nd- wait 5 Second then Click Skip Ad

Download: Click Here

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