Knights Of Honor Download for PC

Knights Of Honor Download Direct Link

Knights Of Honor Download Direct Link

Knights Of Honor Download Direct Link

Play strategic Knights of Honor Knights of Honor in medieval times passes. You play as a knight can choose between 100 Ruler and start playing with them. Map of the game all European countries of East Europe to North Africa to be included. In this map of villages, towns and geographical divisions coverage is good. For each city can choose a governor and a strong technical force abundant use of his army

You can easily create a variety of buildings and castles. Financial and commercial uses that you can gain the cost of running the country and their towns.

Religion plays an important role in the game Knights of Honor. Four Orthodox Christianity, Catholic Christianity, Islam and atheism there. You can promote freedom of religion or Christianity emphasis on not only example. The latter must be prepared to Crusades.

When the pope dies in the game, you can choose from among the clerics who sympathize with you is someone to victory. He can also increase through religious control.

Pictures from the game:

Required System :
Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP

1GHz Processor
1.3GB Hard Disk Space
8X CD-ROM Drive
16MB Video Card
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 9.0c

Download: Click Here

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