Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies Download for PC

Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies - COREPACK - PROPHET

Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies – COREPACK – PROPHET

Lost Planet Extreme Condition Colonies – COREPACK – PROPHET

Game company Capcom Lost Planet is one of the best titles for 2006 on XBOX360 console that after several months of collaboration with nVidia was also made for the PC platform. Lost Planet of the story almost stereotypical uses that Capcom has managed to twist the story, as it wants the story to provide gamers. The story takes place on a planet that is covered with snow and hosts are insect-like Akrid creatures of this planet are called. Humans on the planet to live up to the heat and energy that the energy produced by the Akrid and this is the reason for starting the war, protagonist Wayne, who lives with his father on the planet. In a battle that occurs at the beginning of the game is killed, and Wayne wayne father after he struck the blows that becomes unconscious and loses his memory.

During the game so much, we tried to turn the game goes the story with vague hints, but never this does not happen, as after a few minutes that comes immediately answer questions in your mind before you take your questions. This trick is also used to prolong the game but did not play any effect on the long-term. One of the problems short game of the campaign is a game that involves 11 steps that can be easily completed in less than 10 hours. In the story, an ordinary story that could encourage players to continue playing, because almost from the mid-game story unfolds and there is no desire to continue to play for gamers. GamePlay game is almost the same as other games, but its strength is not empty. If you do nothing but encourage you to continue playing gameplay. The game is a third person action shooters are not missing anything. The game starts as usual with the shooting continues and to end this way, but the important thing is that for a variety of game modes can mount a variety of strange robots that are called VS inheritance. Each of these robots have certain features that makes it doubly exciting game. Character design in the game is very well done and all the characters that you play along with them face to face with all the care and precision are specially designed. This is also true for the Akrid enemies in the game are designed with all the details and seeing the giant insects will take pleasure in the game. In the game there are also enemies of the people that they are also pretty good. While the storm outdoor environments where the snow is passing through that area are very beautiful and sometimes comes to see the beautiful graphics of the game will be finger to mouth. In Lost Planet is a moderate voice. What good is the sound of guns and explosions sound is also good. Sound characters you see in the Cut-scene is almost perfect and perfect but there is a problem in this sector, in some cases, after hearing the explosion, the sound is cut very short few moments of the game. The sound of the wind howling in areas where the snow storm and the footsteps of Wayne has been doing a great job and have been working almost the slightest sound.

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