Luftrausers Download for PC

Luftrausers Download Direct Link

Luftrausers Download Direct Link

Luftrausers Download Direct Link

Luftrausers a different game with very high graphics for the PC that was published in 2014 by Vlambeer and leads to a small fighter plane. From the very beginning of the game into the military environment and you have no peace in their war not seen any of the people only think of their victory. In the meantime, you have been chosen as the pilot of a small aircraft for various missions send you to your goals skyrocket. But it can not easily Luftrausers missions in the game to completion, as well as anti-aircraft and enemy planes trying desperately to destroy you, and with careful planning that has been set before them, engaged in shooting in environments that are under protection.

Luftrausers screen بازی هواپیمای جنگی Luftrausers برای کامپیوتر

According to a description of the game creators have by no means been working on graphics and image quality and printing technology is related to the year before. But Luftrausers gameplay that distinguishes it from the rest of the game style and has caused high rates, such as 4.5 won the Steam network that is unique in its kind. Overall, more than 100 levels in this low volume of games that have been included for the successful completion of military weapons and powerful use of compounds 125 and will attempt to earn the most points in the game. Battle in the game Luftrausers even the oceans and seas have also drawn some stage you are sent to destroy enemy submarines, of course this game is almost the most difficult part of the stage and the loser may be several times and steps from the beginning.

Features of Luftrausers:
Take the roll of a fighter jet to destroy the enemies’ bases
Use more than 125 types of weapons to do this
More than 100 challenging levels in total for this action arcade game
Pixel graphics with exciting environments all in 2D

Download: Click Here

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