Men of War Assault Squad 2 Download for PC

Men of War Assault Squad 2 Download for PC

Men of War Assault Squad 2 Download for PC

Men of War Assault Squad-RELOADED
If you had any of the versions of the game have not experienced Men of War, with this version you can play a game of pure strategy experience. Men of War is a strategy game called RTS. RTS is a strategy game that all players and computers, at the same time work on your strategies and play a Turn-Based intermittent or not. Men of War can be called one of the best collections strategy game. Play the story that World War and the Nazi powerful army must face. You take control of the army is very diverse and it is open so that according to the instants that you will get a soldier to take control of an entire army.
You can also take advantage of the weapons and equipment of soldiers with Nazi soldiers, modify or control armored vehicles, tanks, artillery and other equipment to the German grid. Game stages and at each stage will have a specific purpose, and the facilities that are available to you will be different. At some stage be a soldier or a small group of soldiers from the German war machine, and others have to make do with a full army, the Nazis destroyed. In this game you will have all kinds of weapons, all with the precision and beauty of the real version of the simulation. Men of War game set full tilt and the action that it can be a busy and full of conflict, he said. Army major, powerful artillery, armored vehicles and tanks, airplanes, ships and ship, the explosions hard and … all Men of War games have turned into an exciting game.

In this version of the game is that Assault Squad 2, your mission is to carry out the role of a sniper so big and hard battles between tanks varies. The multiplayer game has improved graphics and images of the game has improved tremendously compared to the previous version.

Game Features Men of War Assault Squad 2:
Advanced Graphics
Direct control over each military units and soldiers so that you can control them like a third-person shooter game.
Improved user interface and advanced control applications easier and more
The ability to camouflage according to the season
Improved graphics military vehicles and equipment
Improve game sound and voice characters

Plug Iron Fist:
By installing a new plugin Iron Fist can enjoy a new single-player missions. This plug your controller as a member of the tanks. If you have a third person perspective. With the advancement in the battle and the war with the United tanks, your experience will increase and you will become the veteran rode a tank!

Pictures from the game:

Men of War Assault Squad 2 screenshots Men of War Assault Squad 2 screenshots 02
Men of War Assault Squad 2 screenshots 03 Men of War Assault Squad 2 screenshots 04 
Download Instruction:
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Men of War Assault Squad 2 Download for PC

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